Panasonic to invest ₹450 cr in start-ups across India, Japan, Europe

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Panasonic Corporation’s Corporate Venture Capital Fund initiative, Panasonic Kurashi Visionary Fund (PKVF), “is committed to investing ₹450 crore to support start-ups across India, Japan and Europe,” said Kunio Gohara, Chief Transformation Officer (CTRO) and Head of the CVC office, Panasonic Corporation.

Mr. Kunio said PKVF was established to tackle social problems globally and aims to enrich and transform people’s lives.

The fund’s focus areas include well-being, decarbonization, energy, food and spatial infrastructure and emerging lifestyles.

Manish Sharma, Chairman, Panasonic Life Solutions India said, “India is the world’s third largest start-up ecosystem with more than 1.25 lakh start-ups and 110 unicorns and Panasonic is looking forward to being part of this journey through our initiatives.”

Panasonic established its India Innovation Centre in 2017 with an initial investment of ₹240 crore.

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